You have your airline tickets, your bags are packed and you’re one foot out the door.  The only thing standing in your way are the hurdles of airport security.  While it’s a shame that a vacation must be bookended with such a stressful ordeal, there are ways to make this process a lot more easy-passing.

Nexus Membership

            By having a Nexus membership, you have proven yourself to yourself to be of good moral character and a safe, professional traveller.  The Nexus membership will allow you to go through express lines in security, which will save you a significant amount of time at the airport.  Inquire about Nexus, or other memberships through your country’s government’s customs website.  It will probably cost you less than your airline tickets. More details!

Pack Smart

            Acquaint yourself with the rules surrounding how your bag must be packed.  The most common issue arises with toiletries and their respective volumes.  If you don’t want your bottle of expensive shampoo dumped, invest in smaller travel bottles and keep the big ones at home.  Also, make sure you have prescriptions for any medications you might have and make sure your laptop, or tablet is easily accessible for separation.  A lot of luggage nowadays is designed with clearing airport security in mind, so have a look around.

Beat The Rush To Your Flights

            Get to the airport early and save yourself the grief of dealing with big crowds and departure times.  Also, figure out when the busiest time at the airport in general is.  This is commonly around early afternoon and evening time.  Although this might not make your transit experience faster, it will give you time to decompress and maybe get a bite to eat or a drink near the gate.  You’re on vacation, you deserve to feel at ease.

Holiday Season?

            Major holidays, like Christmas and Easter, mean big waits at airports all over the world.  If you find yourself travelling during one of these times, give yourself as much time as possible getting to the airport and getting through security.  To make matters worse, travelling at this time is incredibly stressful, which increases the likelihood of irate and difficult travellers.

Know What To Expect and Be Courteous

            Security is no fun, and no one spends more time in it than TSA agents.  They work hard to keep the skies and our airports safe, so make everyone’s life a little easier by being forthcoming with any information they might need and compliant with their security screening process.  It may seem unnecessary, or overkill at the time, but these are the guidelines by which they must operate.

Enjoy Your Flight

            With these methods in mind, you should be well-equipped to make it to your departure gate in plenty of time and in a good headspace.  Airport security has increased in recent years so it is important to arrive informed of what is expected of you as you go through.  It may be an annoyance to you at the time, but it pales in comparison to not making it through to your flights. Check out this site:

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